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What do you do when there is a soccer game, band concert, and school board meeting, all at the same time? Is it possible to be in three places at once? Most likely no, but don’t worry! We will post pictures and videos from past programs to show off all the exciting events our students participate in daily.

School Year Photos - 2019-2020

Take a moment to enjoy some photos from our school year.

View more photos from 2019-2020

Social Media Awareness

We put together some key items to help you with social media. Check out our social media awareness flyer for more information on helpful apps, terms you should know, abbreviations, and slang used in social media.

Becoming a Volunteer

We welcome and invite you to become a volunteer for the Glendale School District. Please take a few moments to read some important information regarding the specific steps you must take in order to receive volunteer status. Thank you for your support!

cheerleaders in gym leading pep rally

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