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SADD JustDrive PSA Video Contest/Campaign

Glendale SADD is participating in the JustDrive PSA Video Contest/Campaign which raises awareness about teen safe driving for the next month! The JustDrive PSA Video Contest is sponsored by NJM Insurance Group and the PA DUI Association. Glendale SADD has a chance to win money for a post-prom, post-graduation or driver education/safety programs.
Please watch and SHARE the Virtual Parent/Teen Presentation called "Share the Keys" using this link


For more information search #justdrive

You can also follow them on social media
Instagram: @njminsurance @paduiassociation
Twitter: @teamdui @NJMIns

The more posts we receive the better our chances of winning the contest.

Glendale SADD would also like you to take the JustDrive Pledge

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