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Whom do you consider a volunteer?

We consider any individual in an unpaid position with a program, activity, or service who is individually responsible for the welfare of one or more children or has direct contact with and supervises children a volunteer. All volunteers must submit clearances before we can approve them as a volunteer.

Whom do you consider a visitor?

We consider any individual who visits a classroom or school to observe or participate in a single event or several events, under the direct supervision of school district staff a visitor. We do not permit visitors to supervise students or require a submitted clearance.

Who must submit clearances?

We ask that any adult employee or volunteer who is responsible for supervising students submit a clearance. This would include chaperones for all field trips and sporting events.

What clearances do you require volunteers to submit?

What are the costs of the clearances?

The PA Child Abuse and PA State Police Checks are now free for volunteers. If you require FBI fingerprinting, the cost is $27.00.

When would I be required to have FBI fingerprinting completed?

All district employees or potential volunteers who have not been a Pennsylvania resident for the past ten years or cannot sign an affidavit that they are clear of specific convictions must have FBI fingerprinting completed. If you require FBI fingerprinting, please be sure to obtain them through the PA Department of Education.

Where can I get a Tuberculin (TB) test?

You can schedule a TB test with your primary care provider. TB tests are only required for volunteers working closely with students for more than ten hours per week.

Where do I obtain the required clearances?  

You can find the web sites listed above. Paper copies are available upon request, but paper copies will take longer to process than doing it online. Anyone who needs assistance completing the applications can call for an appointment and we will be happy to assist.

What do I do with my clearances once I have them?

You need to submit both clearances to the building office where you plan to assist. Elementary parents would do so at the elementary office and high school at the high school office. Varsity sports and the music association volunteers will submit clearances to the district office.

Can I submit clearances from several years ago?

All clearances for employment or volunteer approval must be less than twelve months old. 

Can I submit clearances I received through my place of employment?

Yes, you can. Employment clearances are acceptable for volunteers, but we cannot use volunteer clearances cannot for employment purposes.

Can I volunteer before my I complete my clearance requirements?

All volunteers are required to have clearances on file and be board approved prior to being a volunteer.

How often do I need to renew my clearances?

You must renew your clearances every five years, 60 months. Please note that you will only receive free clearances every 57 months.

What additional paperwork will I need?

In addition to copies of clearances, you are required to submit a volunteer disclosure statement and volunteer prior to board approval. You need to have these annually. Failure to do so will result in an inactivation of volunteer status.

How important is student confidentiality when I volunteer?

Student confidentiality is very important when volunteering. Volunteers are not to share any information learned from or about a student outside of the school. It is very important to protect and respect our students and families’ rights to privacy.