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School Wide Positive Behavior Program

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Glendale Jr./Sr. High School

School-Wide Positive Behavior Expectations

Glendale Jr./Sr. High School has implemented a School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Program- a system approach for establishing the social culture and individualized behavioral supports needed for schools to achieve both social and academic success for all students.

The program is designed to create a positive school culture using the following basic principles:

The school environment is predictable.  All staff use common language, have a common vision or understanding of student expectations, and share common experiences.  All students and staff district-wide will participate.

The school environment is positive.   Students receive regular recognition for positive behavior.

The school environment is safe.  Violent, disruptive, disrespectful, and unsafe behavior will not be tolerated.

The school environment is consistent.  Staff use similar language and maintain the same expectations in all school areas (classroom, hallways, cafeteria, buses, etc.)

Keys to a Successful SWPBS Program


Consistent expectations and feedback of students and staff are crucial to the success of SWPBS. It’s up to each of us to implement our shared expectations and positive feedback throughout the school day.  Only then will we see the dramatic effects that the SWPBS framework can have on the climate of the school.


“Rome was not built in a day!”  SWPBS has been proven to work, but it does take time.  This program is a work in progress and we need to be flexible and willing to make changes as we see what works here and what doesn’t.


Teaching is the foundation of what we do.  Sometimes, based on our own personal backgrounds, we assume that our students know how to act appropriately, and this isn’t always the case.  We need to teach our expectations clearly and directly.  Remember, even when we aren’t teaching behaviors directly, students watch our behavior.  We need to model those behaviors we want to see from our students!

School Wide Positive Behavior (SWPB) Motto

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe
  • Be Ready to Learn
  • Be Viking Proud!

Viking Bucks

When students earn a Viking buck, they have the opportunity to purchase items at the school store and/or put in for the monthly rewards.


Monthly Rewards

September Monthly Rewards



Assemblies (usually 3 a year)

1. Opening Kick-off Assembly

2. Talent Show

3. Activity Day (end of the year) 


SWPB Behavior Matrix (see google doc)