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We are proud to offer exceptional guidance services for our junior and senior high students (grades 6 – 12). Please contact the junior/senior high counselor and make an appointment to discuss specific student concerns, get answers to college-specific questions, or discuss other concerns.

Choosing a Curriculum

We don’t operate with a “one-size fits all” mentality. We understand each student will take a different path after college. To meet the changing needs of our students, we now offer four curriculum options for our students to choose from. Please visit our Academics page for more information.

Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for graduation, a student must earn 26.1 academic credits and complete 10 hours of community service, receive a passing grade on his/her senior project, and earn appropriate scores on the PSSA tests. For more detailed graduation requirements, please consult our student handbook, located in the sidebar of this page.

Guidance Counselors and Staff

We know making decisions regarding your future is time consuming and stressful at times. We are here to make the process as simple as possible. Please contact us with any questions you or your child have.

Kimberly Kozak

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We understand college is an investment, but scholarships and financial aid can help. The links below contain valuable information to use during the application process:

Helpful Resources

In an effort to prepare our students for their future after Glendale, we’ve provided many helpful resources below: